Dr. Glenn R. Kessler, Sport Psychology Consultant
  Glenn Kessler is a Massachusetts and Florida based golf coach who can help you focus your mental approach to golf, tennis, and a myriad of sports. "Coach K." coaches youth and adult athletes to see results after their very first lesson.

In a world dominated by competition and pressure to succeed, people understand the role that their mind and thoughts play in their ability to achieve their goals. Research shows that the most successful athletes and performing artists in their field have placed a major emphasis on the mental aspects of their performance.

Performance enhancement encompasses sports psychology training, mental game coaching and peak performance training - disciplines that help individuals gain a mental advantage over their competition. Performers who are not reaching their potential can benefit from performance enhancement training to help break through mental barriers and maximize their abilities. Glenn Kessler helps athletes, business people, and performing artists to learn the mental skills that allow them to gain the competitive edge.

Coach Kessler will teach, guide and coach you on such topics as:
Awareness Training
Relaxation Training
Mental Imagery
Enhancing Motivation
Confidence Building
Attention and Concentration Training
Goal Setting

Call 508-667-9463 to
begin seeing immediate results. Put in the work Coach K asks of you and enjoy the success your sport and life has to offer you.

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"Understanding how your mind works on the golf course and how to develop mental skills that allow your physical game to come through is what has worked for me and can work for you, too.  I believe that these mental skills are what will bring you to your next level

Kirk Hanefeld,
PGA Champions Tour Player and Dr. Kessler's student.

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